Special Guest

John Pork

Meet John inside Coderblock virtual world: take a selfie, play exclusive rewarded games and don’t miss the concerts!

Who's John?

"Basically the chillest guy on planet earth"
John Pork is a captivating social figure and a dynamic DJ who effortlessly merges the art of entertainment and music.
With an innate ability to connect with people, JP's magnetic presence transcends boundaries, creating unforgettable experiences.

John Pork Main Stage

Party in the metaverse!

Don’t miss John amazing 4-days virtual dj sets inside Coderblock world: visit the music area, chill with the community, join the exclusive game adventures to win special themed rewards and of course… enjoy the party!

Get your free ticket on Eventbrite and simply wait for the access link on the event day to take part in the amazing John Pork music shows inside Coderblock Connect!

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Coderblock Connect.

Coderblock Connect is a virtual networking event where you can get in touch with people,
explore the world's pavilions, follow the interesting speeches from speakers around the world, have fun and join amazing rewarded adventures!

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Don't miss the party: get your free ticket to join the coolest virtual dj sets ever!
Meet John Pork inside the music area of Coderblock Connect, the virtual networking event inside Coderblock open world: explore the pavilions, chill with the community inside the games area and enjoy John's music shows for the 4-days event.

Where & When?

October 17th to 20th
Coderblock Virtual World