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  • Day 01

    Oct 17, 2023

  • Day 02

    Oct 18, 2023

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    Oct 19, 2023

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    Oct 20, 2023

NFT e Metaverso: quali sono le sfide legali

Giulio Coraggio (Partner | Head of Intellectual Property & Technology), Giulietta Minucci (Senior Associate @ Lexia Avvocati), Andrea Pantaleo (Head of Crypto, Web3 & Fintech Sector at DLA Piper Italy) and Riadi Piacentini (The Hoodie Lawyer) will join a panel focusing on the legal challenges applied to the metaverse and Web3 world regarding crypto, NFT and blockchain.

Future of work: come cambierà il modo di lavorare?

How will digital transformation and new technologies affect the world of work and talent scouting? Let's talk about it with Olga Farreras (Enterprise Account Director – Talent Solutions – LinkedIn Italy) and Stefano Besana (Partner at Deloitte Consulting).

La potenza della creatività e la frontiera della comunicazione: quali sono le opportunità date dalle nuove tecnologie

Eugenia Brini (Designer, trainer and Canva Verified Expert) and Danilo Spanu (Brand Designer) will discuss about creativity and new technologies and on the online opportunities for visual communication.

Metaverso: una nuova frontiera per aziende e utenti

Let’s explore the connection between metaverse, financial world and real estate market with our panelists Gianluca Giordani (CEO at Giordani & Partners | Real Estate Agent), Alessandro DiPace (InnovationLab Agos) and Manfredi Domina (CEO & Co-Founder at Keplera).

Così le nuove tecnologie stanno rivoluzionando il marketing

Veronica Gentili (Social Media Marketing Expert | Entrepreneur | Author), Giuseppe Noschese (E-commerce Consultant) and Mario Di Girolamo (Director & Co-Founder at Visio Digital Partner) will talk about the technological future of social media ADS, e-commerce and Artificial Intelligence.

Crypto Art: come la tecnologia blockchain sta rivoluzionando il settore artistico

Andrea Concas (Art Tech Entrepreneur, CEO and Founder Art Rights, Founder and Publisher of The NFT Magazine) talks about the application of blockchain in the artistic field.

A tu per tu con l’avv. Guido Scorza, Componente del Collegio del Garante per la protezione dei dati personali

Guido Scorza (member of the board of Italian data protection Authority) talks about protection of personal data and the challenges it faces with the advent of new technologies.

Dal Web3 all’AI, cosa ci riserva il futuro?

What’s the role and potential of AI in the corporate world and in products and services designing? Let's discuss with our panelists Fabio Moioli (Leadership Advisor at Spencer Stuart), Edoardo Degli Innocenti (CEO & Co-Founder at B3YOND) and Andrea Cattabriga (Strategic Designer & Researcher).

Neuromarketing: un approccio strategico e innovativo per business e collettività

What’s neuromarketing and how it can improve communication and marketing strategies for brands? Francesco Gallucci (Vice-president AINEM) and Mariano Diotto (Neuromarketer, Founder & CEO at Neuromarketing Italia) will talk about it in a neuromarketing-themed panel.

Come il metaverso rivoluzionerà le aziende e come proteggeremo i nostri dati

Let's talk about Web3 dynamics and tools enable new logics of corporate innovation and what impact are they having on business strategies with Vincenzo Rana (CEO at KNOBS) andMarco Tullio Giordano (Tech Lawyer & DPO - Partner at 42 Law Firm).

NFT, arte e moda nell’era delle nuove tecnologie: cosa aspettarci dal mondo della crittografia e blockchain

How Artificial Intelligence can improve fashion world and how blockchain can impact on sustainability? Let's explore virtual opportunities of fashion with Daniela Losini (Author and creative director), Arianna Pozzi (CEO at GAIAMYFRIEND) and Mario De Luca (PR & Partnership manager at Blowhammer).

La terza dimensione dell’e-learning: il metaverso

Ernesto Damiani (President at National Interuniversity Consortium for Informatics) and Livio La Mattina (Education Marketing Manager LUMSA e JP2) will join a panel on how the virtual world is generating a revolution in the world of learning thanks to an immersive interaction experience for users.

Digital entertainment: il successo di Casa Surace

Alessio Strazzullo (Co-founder & Content Creator at Casa Surace), Daniele Pugliese (Co-founder & Content Creator at Casa Surace) and Luca Persichetti (Marketing Manager at Casa Surace) in a panel about the success of Casa Surace, an Italian factory and production company in the field of digital entertainment.

Quali sono le nuove sfide del marketing e della comunicazione?

Matteo Zambon (Co-Founder e CTO at Tag Manager Italia), Alessandro Mazzù (Consultant | Trainer | Author | Creator) and Stefano De Carlo (Founder at will discuss on the role of AI and automation in digital analytics and marketing strategies for brands.

Metaverse: the new frontier of medicine

A panel with Roberto Ascione (CEO at Healthware Group) and Marco Giacalone (Currently CMO @ Dr.Feel, formerly P&G brand executive) about virtual world as the future of healthcare: how digital health will unleash a human-sized future for a more accessible, ubiquitous and sustainable healthcare.

La connessione delle nuove tecnologie

The adoption of cryptocurrencies in the Retail world: what are the risks for the monetary sovereignty. Let's talk about it with our panelists Francesco Rampone (Tech & aIP lawyer and President at Associazione Blockchain Italia), Luca Lupattelli (Digital Project Manager) and Fabiano Taliani (COO at Coinbar).

La Digital Transformation e lo sviluppo di nuovi modelli di business

How Artificial Intelligence can help companies to improve their export and create new business models? Let's discuss about it with Antonio Procopio (CEO & Founder - Digital-Hub StartUp Accelerator), Andrea Groppelli (Founder & CEO at iDigital3 srl), Giorgio Veronesi (Executive Director Digital Technology And Innovation) and Alessio Gambino (Founder at

Metaverso e realtà virtuale: le nuove tecnologie immersive delle emozioni e del personal branding

Marcello Marinisi (Personal Branding Expert and Career Coach) and Emanuela Spernazzati (HR Manager | Career & LinkedIn Coach) talks about new digital professions and how metaverse and AI are changing the approach to work.

Lavorare nel metaverso: prospettive e opportunità nel futuro

New technologies and job market: what are the new professional roles of the future. The panel will involve Guido Penta (Tech Recruiter at Polaris Engineering), Elisa Laezza (LinkedIn Sales Manager) and Dario Franzosi (Talent Acquisition & Social Recruiting Manager).

Metaverso: come rendere l’innovazione sostenibile

An in-depth look at the new frontiers of renewable energies with Fabrizio Virtuani (Head of Innovation, Technology, and Information Services at Gruppo TEA Spa), Pietro Antonio D’Alema (General Manager at SILEA Spa) and Paolo Magni (Innovation Manager at Gruppo Enercom).

Alessandro Lombardo Martina Nicolino

The entry of Artificial Intelligence into the world of work generates the need for greater legal protection for workers, especially those operating in the digital field. Let's talk about it with Alessandro Lombardo (Head of Strategy & Creativity in 15 seconds, digital marketing area of BTO Research) and Martina Nicolino (Digital Lawyer and member of Fare Digitale).

Crypto art: come si diventa un crypto artista

Giusy Amoroso (Digital Artist & Creative Technologist) talks about the main challenges of becoming a crypto-artist.


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Coderblock Connect is a virtual worldwide networking event within Coderblock Metaverse that aims to create relationships between companies, brands and users, to offer valuable content related to the blockchain and Web3 world, and show the best key business opportunities in the metaverse.

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