Marketing & Communication.

Alessandro Mazzù

Consultant | Trainer | Author | Creator

A consultant and trainer in digital marketing and personal branding, author, and speaker at important industry events.

Elisa Laezza

Linkedin Sales Manager

A skilled freelancer adept at corporate communication, social media management, and LinkedIn networking for business growth.

Stefano De Carlo

Founder AutomatiKing.com

International keynote speaker, a trainer and a lover of scientific marketing specialized in sales automation.

Giuseppe Noschese

E-commerce consultant

Giuseppe helps businesses grow their e-commerce through consulting, training, and events, whether starting or improving existing online stores.

Mario Di Girolamo

Director & Co-Founder Visio Digital Partner

Docente IED & KirAcademy. Startup Investor.

Matteo Zambon

Co-Founder & CTO at Tag Manager Italia

Google-certified expert in Tag Manager, Analytics, Ads. Trailblazing speaker, educator, and author. Leading digital innovator.

Lucrezia Van Stegeren

Co-Founder Cryptoland Media

Lucrezia, a Crypto Enthusiast and visionary Co-Founder of Cryptoland Media podcast, sharing crypto's fascinating world.

Eugenia Brini

Designer, Trainer & Canva Verified Expert

Eugenia, a freelance graphic designer and Canva ambassador, exudes a fierce passion for graphic design.

Mariano Diotto

Neuromarketer – Founder & CEO Neuromarketing Italia

Grown in the world of semiotics, Carrà, and science-pop balance. Radio host, author, university lecturer, neuromarketing expert.

Veronica Gentili

Social Media Marketing Expert | Entrepreneur | Author

Renowned Italian Social Media Marketing expert, top 50 Ad Tech global influencer. Thousands of training hours, millions managed.

Francesco Gallucci

VP at AINEM Associazione Italiana Neuromarketing

Graduated in Political Sciences, pioneer of Italian neuromarketing. Teaches, researches emotions, decisions, consumer behavior. Co-founder, lecturer.

Alessandro Lombardo

Head of Strategy & Creativity in 15 seconds, digital marketing area of BTO Research

Graduated in Foreign Languages, evolved into Creative Producer. Teaches Food & Design. Founder of BTO Research's Digital Unit, #15Seconds.

Fabrizio Trionfera

TV and Radio Director, Storyteller, Associated Podcast Publisher at Licensync

Writing and directing Radio Shows, Plays, Programs, Commercials. Specialized in Radio Language & Direction.


Alessio Strazzullo

Co-founder & Content Creator at Casa Surace

Casa Surace blends cinema, theater and online media creativity to entertain a 5-million-strong global community.


Daniele Pugliese

Co-founder & Content Creator at Casa Surace

Casa Surace blends cinema, theater and online media creativity to entertain a 5-million-strong global community.


Luca Persichetti

Marketing Manager at Casa Surace

Casa Surace blends cinema, theater and online media creativity to entertain a 5-million-strong global community.


Marcello Marinisi

Personal Branding Expert and Career Coach

Digital strategist and career coach for digital job profiles and executives. Personal branding expert and contents creator.


Jonathan Figoli

CEO at Family Economy Week

CEO at ProfessioneFinanza & FamilyEconomy, President IICEE Italy, Editor FinanceTV, economy and finance popularizer.

HR & Future of Work.

Stefano Besana

Partner at Deloitte Consulting

A thought leader in transformation and cultural change, professor, consultant, and author with extensive experience in digital and cultural transformation.

Olga Farreras Casado

Enterprise Account Director - Talent Solutions Linkedin Italia

Olga is an Enterprise Account Director at LinkedIn in Milan, guiding Italian clients in maximizing their investments.

Dario Franzosi

Talent Acquisition & Social Recruiting Manager

A renowned professor in Social Recruiting, specializing in IT recruiting, Employer Branding and Talent Acquisition strategies.

Guido Penta

Tech Recruiter @Polaris Engineering

A friendly neighbourhood tech recruiter.


Emanuela Spernazzati

HR Manager | Career & LinkedIn Coach

Guiding candidates towards their professional goals and training the recruiters who will interview them.

Tech, AI & Web3.

Fabio Moioli

Leadership Advisor at Spencer Stuart

A technology leadership consultant with expertise in AI, digital transformation, and talent development.

Edoardo Degli Innocenti

CEO & Co-Founder at B3YOND

Edoardo: CEO & Co-Founder at B3YOND, crypto enthusiast, and MBA graduate. Innovative leader.

Bruno Calabretta

Co-Founder DISRUPTIVES ICP - Hub Indonesia

Bruno, expert in strategic planning, business development, and project review. Personalized marketing strategy, competitor analysis, blockchain, and crypto enthusiast.

Andrea Cattabriga

Strategic Designer & Researcher

A strategic designer who crafts innovative solutions with a vision for the future.

Luca Lupattelli

Digital Project Manager

Experienced in digital marketing and e-commerce, now focused on exploring the potential of the Metaverse and blockchain technology.

Francesco Rampone

Tech & IP Lawyer, President of the ABI

A knowledgeable lawyer well versed in Intellectual Property, Information Technology and Data Protection Law with over 20 years’ experience in the legal profession.

Luisa Gaburova

CEO & Founder at Deply

Luisa helps companies integrate cutting-edge technologies like Blockchain, IoT and AI in their business processes.

Anna Fongaro

CEO & Founder at Colata Studio

Anna Fongaro is a crypto enthusiast and founder of Colata Studio, a Web3 software development company.

Vincenzo Rana


CEO, co-founder of KNOBS. Blockchain researcher, inventor, and consultant for significant Italian projects.

Carmine Montemurro

Founder at Studio Unique

Founder at Studio Unique, passionate about worldwide opportunities in automotive industry.

Massimo Canducci

International Manager and University Professor

Executive MBA Professor. Startup Mentor and Advisor. Builds a better world using innovation and technology.

Sara Noggler

CEO at Polyhedra | Web3 & Metaverse Advisor

Fascinated by decentralized concept applications, on a mission to demystify cryptocurrencies & blockchain technology to the masses.


Jessica Rota

IBNO Partnership Director

Enthusiastic, dependable and pragmatic Growth and Partnerships expert with an MSc in Fintech with Business Analytics.

Art, Design & Fashion.

Daniela Losini

Author | Creative Director

Head of Beauty & Grazia Factory, specialized in luxury branded content & digital campaigns. Championing inclusivity.

Giusy Amoroso

Digital Artist & Creative Technologist

Giusy Amoroso, also known as Marigoldff, is an Italian Digital Artist, Art Director, and co-founder of IOR50 Studio, based in Berlin, Germany.

Danilo Spanu

Brand Designer

A versatile brand and visual design professional skilled in digital marketing, video editing, photography, and brand identity development.

Arianna Pozzi


Young creator of 'Gaia my friend,' an AI-powered app suggesting outfits based on mood.

Mario De Luca

PR & Partnership Manager

Mario navigated music, fashion, and crypto industries, from artist management to blockchain-driven fashion before launching a consultancy.


Andrea Concas

Art Tech Entrepreneur, CEO and Founder Art Rights, Founder and Publisher of The NFT Magazine

Innovative, curious and visionary, discusses Art and Innovation as an Art Entrepreneur, educator, author and keynote speaker.


Andrea Pantaleo

Head of Crypto, Web3 & Fintech Sector at DLA Piper Italy

Experienced in financial, banking, and insurance matters, specializing in Fintech, Crypto, and Insurtech regulations and litigation.

Riadi Piacentini

The Hoodie Lawyer

AI Lawyer specialized in M&A, restructuring, and startup mentoring, offering legal support and business networking for entrepreneurs.

Giulio Coraggio

Head of Intellectual Property & Technology

An expert lawyer in technology, privacy, gambling, and commercial contracts, providing strategic and award-winning legal consultancy.

Giulietta Minucci

Senior Associate at Lexia Avvocati

An expert lawyer in technology, privacy, gambling, and commercial contracts, providing strategic and award-winning legal consultancy.

Manfredi Domina

CEO & Co-Founder at Keplera

Enthusiastic developer, innovation lover, startup advocate. Passionate about digital and legal sectors. Founder of Keplera in 2021.

Marco Tullio Giordano

Tech Lawyer & DPO - Partner at 42 Law Firm

Qualified lawyer, expert in Cybersecurity, privacy law, blockchain, crypto-assets.

Laura Cappello

Founder of Studio Legale Cappello

Cassation lawyer and Founder of Studio Legale Cappello. Specialized in civil and corporate law, Legal Engineering.

Guido Scorza

Member of the board of Italian data protection Authority

Member of the board of Italian data protection Authority.


Martina Nicolino

Digital Lawyer and Member of Fare Digitale

An expert lawyer in IP, web law and technology, guiding entrepreneurs and strartups in conforming a digital business to the law. Member of Fare Digitale.


Fabio Francesco Franco

Founder E-Legal Studio Legale

Legal expert with a keen interest in technology law, startup enthusiast and business angel in various sectors.


Cesare Galli

Founding Partner and Managing Partner at IP LAW GALLI S.r.l.

Lawyer and Professor of Industrial Law, Cesare is Founding and Managing Partner at IP LAW GALLI, law firm specialized in industrial law for the protection of intellectual property.


Michele Chiaramondia

Deloitte Consulting SB - Partner

Deloitte Consulting SB - Partner

Michele Montesi

Monitor Deloitte SB - Senior Executive

Monitor Deloitte SB - Senior Executive

Marco Caridi

Deloitte Consulting SB - Specialist Manager AI&Data

Deloitte Consulting SB - Specialist Manager AI&Data

Ilenia Pia Viceconti

Deloitte Risk Advisory SB - Metaverse Data Ethics & Security Senior Manager

Deloitte Risk Advisory SB - Metaverse Data Ethics & Security Senior Manager

Federica Caretta

Deloitte Legal SB - Director IP & IT Specialist

Deloitte Legal SB - Director IP & IT Specialist

Pietro Boccaccini

Deloitte Legal SB - Director Data Protection Specialist

Deloitte Legal SB - Director Data Protection Specialist

Giovanna Mantovani

Deloitte Consulting SB – Manager Human Capital

Deloitte Consulting SB – Manager Human Capital

Fabrizio Virtuani

Head of Innovation, Technology, and Information Services at Gruppo TEA Spa

Highly qualified senior executive in Innovation, Digital Transformation, ICT Management, and Cybersecurity. Track record of success.

Matteo Malvicini

Digital Innovation Manager at Randstad Italia

Expert in innovation, research, optimization. Chooses tech for cultural renewal.

Chiara Bacilieri

Head of Research & Innovation at Lifeed

Psychology and marketing expert who advocates for inclusive work environments. Forbes 100 under 30.

Andrea Solimene

coFounder & CEO Seedble | Strategy & Open Innovation Enabler | Smart Working Expert

A digital entrepreneur, passionate about strategy and innovation, co-founder of Seedble.

Andrea Groppelli

Founder & CEO at iDigital3 srl

Andrea Groppelli is the Founder & CEO of iDigital3 srl, established in 2011 to provide innovative solutions.

Rachele Bonani

Podcaster, Content Creator, Founder at Licensync

Web content creator, podcast author, onlife project manager, in-depth knowledge of digital content copyrigh, staunch believer in metaverse revolution.

Carmine La Pietra

Podcaster, Founder at Licensync

Digital Content Copyright manager. Staunch believer in the Metaverse revolution.


Lorenzo Catapano

Head of Innovation, Digital Technology & Data at Save the Children Italia

Passionate about innovation and technology with over 20 years experience in developing digital strategies.


Silvia Bertelli

CEO at OnlyTech Industries and author of OnlyMusix

Web3 & Music NFT expert and DevOps and cibersecurity consultant with a digital marketing background, now CEO at Onlytech Industries.


Antonino Abbate

Founder at OnlyTech Industries and author of OnlyMusix

DevOps and security and ICT consultant, he created Onlymusix, the first European NFT marketplace for music field.


Debora Lonardi

IT Analyst, NuclearPhysicist, Italy STEM Trainer

Nuclear physicist, STEM national trainer and teacher with more than 14 years experience.

Health & Education.

Ernesto Damiani

President at CINI

A renowned professor in computer science, specializing in internet technology, cybersecurity, and big data.

Livio La Mattina

Education Marketing Manager LUMSA & JP2

Marketing | Innovation | Sustainability | Startup

Roberto Ascione

CEO at Healthware Group

Serial entrepreneur & thought leader in digital health, global healthcare executive, CEO at Healthware Group.

Marco Giacalone

CMO @ Dr.Feel, formerly P&G brand executive

14 years at P&G across 4 countries and categories. Diverse roles in brand management and trade marketing.


Roberto Esposito

CEO at Alterside

An innovative and visionary marketer, combining deep knowledge of web, marketing, and psychology to make ideas happen.

Fabiano Taliani

Chief Operating Officer at Coinbar

Experienced Partner with a demonstrated history of working in the Real estate, Event, Restaurant, Travel & tourism industry and more.

Alessio Gambino

Founder Exportiamo.it

Founder at Exportiamo - the first Italian web portal for export and internationalization.

Antonio Procopio

CEO & Founder - Digital-Hub StartUp Accelerator

Tech visionary turned e-business activator. Founder of Next Systems, now CTO at Intarget Group. Empowering startups.

Gianluca Giordani

CEO Giordani & Partners – Real Estate Agent

Real estate visionary since 2006. Founder of Giordani Immobiliare. Expert surveyor and certified agent.

Alessandro Dipace

InnovationLab Agos

360° financial expertise, from consulting to strategic business acumen. Mastering the art of financial world.

Paolo Magni

Innovation Manager at Gruppo Enercom

Digital innovation manager at ENERCOM Group. Partner collaboration, design thinking, business model, employee experience focus.

Mariano Spalletti

Country Director Qonto Italy

Management engineer experienced in various sectors, with special focus on highly scalable digital services.

Pietro Antonio D'Alema

General Manager at SILEA Spa

Decades as CEO in local utilities, and in leading international consulting firms, specializing in strategy and innovation.

Matteo Bonfanti

Key Partner Venture Capital - Kairos Partners SGR

Experienced executive in science, finance, and Venture Capital. Recently joined Kairos Partner in 2022.


Giorgio Veronesi

Executive Director Digital Technology And Innovation

Leading the ICT Engineering and Infrastructure division at Snam for a year, spent nearly 20 years at Microsoft in various roles across Europe.


Samuele Mura

Football Agent - Entrepreneur - Ceo & Founder of Traslo Service Limited & Edith Media

Content creator and vlogger, FIFA Football Agent and passionate entrepreneur.


Davide Cavalieri

Founder & GM at Cavalieri Retail

With over 35 years of experience in strategic and operational consulting, Davide is a lecturer, speaker and an active member of AISM and Retail Institute.

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